Roles and Responsibilities of PAC Executive

FALSE CREEK PAC EXECUTIVE – Roles and Responsibilities

 The Chairperson

The chairperson coordinates Parent Advisory Council affairs in cooperation with other executive members. The chairperson makes a sincere effort to understand local conditions in the school and community, and maintains a spirit of loyalty, cooperation and friendliness among the executive and general membership. The chairperson also:

• presides at all meetings (If he or she is unable to attend, the vice-chairperson fills in. If they are both absent, the secretary calls the meetings and an alternative chairperson is appointed.);
• conducts business meetings;
• establishes meeting rules with the executive members;
• helps the vice-chairperson and secretary prepare the agenda for all meetings and consults with the principal;
• is responsible for preparing the information and facts needed for a good discussion on agenda topics;
• keeps meetings orderly (To keep spur-of-the-moment decision-making to a minimum, the chairperson provides an opportunity for additions to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. However, some unexpected discussions may be important and should not be neglected. A quick vote at the meeting can decide this issue.); and,
• sets a timetable and sticks to it after the members decide the best time for beginning and ending meetings.

The Vice-Chairperson

The vice-chairperson fulfills an important role as an understudy to the chairperson and:

• reads and distributes all material received and discusses the information with committee
chairpersons and members;
• learns duties and responsibilities of the chairperson in order to preside at meetings in her
or his absence;
• takes over if the chairperson resigns;
• may be called upon to chair special committees or projects; and,
• may assume the office of chairperson the following year if there is support from the
general membership

The Treasurer

The treasurer is the custodian of funds and:

• disburses money according to the rules of the group and notes transactions in the treasurer’s book; and,
• presents a report of finances at each meeting for information (an annual report is usually
adopted before the election of new officers

The Secretary

The corresponding secretary:

• writes all letters;
• keeps a file of incoming correspondence and copies of outgoing correspondence;
• circulates attendance sheets during meetings and forwards to vice-chairperson; and,
• forwards list of executive names and positions to the board office (the VSB maintains a
master list of all committee chairpersons).
• records minutes of regular and executive meetings;
• presents and reads minutes for adoption at meetings; and,
• maintains a minutes book that may include:
– rules of order
– notebooks from past executives and committee chairpersons
school handbook

DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) Representative

The role of a DPAC Representative includes:

  • to act as a liaison between the PAC and the DPAC
  • to communicate and obtain information from their respective PAC
  • to vote on behalf of their respective PAC
  • to forward school based issues to DPAC
  • to represent their respective PAC at all DPAC meetings and events


 Each committee will select a Chairperson who will:

  • represent and report on the committee at monthly PAC meetings
  • organize and oversee volunteers for committee activities
  • coordinate activities with other committee members and PAC Executive

We have the following Committees in place: Social/Arts & Culture, Sports and Recreation, Environment, Fundraising (all PAC Exec participate in fundraising).

Some of the programs our Committees plan include:

Social/Arts & Culture: 
Programs include: Pub Night/Raffle – Winter, Family Skate Party – Winter, Holiday Bazaar – December, Movie Night – Fall/Winter, Family Dance/ Multicultural Dinner – Spring, Silent Auction – Spring, PACnic – Spring, Student Photo Exhibit – Spring
Sports & Recreation
Programs include: Lunch time Run Club – Fall and Spring, Track and Field – Spring, Sun Run – Spring, Bike to School Week – Spring, Lunch time games – All year, Team Jersey Management – All year
All ideas welcome!
Often combined with Social/Arts and Culture but we will resurrect the Lemonade Stand this year as well. Other fundraising ideas are also welcome but please note that our goal is to support/promote fundraisers that promote community spirit (so no selling third party items).


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