Volunteer Opportunities

PAC invites you to participate in our events and activities. There are several on-going requests for volunteers such as our:

Book Covering for our library – weekly on Friday mornings. Meet in the library to help our books last longer while meeting other parents from our school. No experience necessary!

PAC Lunch Program – weekly on Thursdays from 11:45am – approx 12:15pm. Help distribute lunches to students. Our caterers already label each lunch by student and organize lunches by division. All parents need to do is make sure students get their lunches and help the younger ones with their packaging. Please email falsecreekpac@gmail.com if you would like to help out.

Run Club – weekly on  Fridays from 12:35 – 1:00pm. When our weather allows for some regular activities outside, we are pleased to supervise students running laps on the upper field (primaries) and around the school grounds (intermediates). We hand out popsicle sticks to make it easier for students to keep track of their distances and then record their totals. All students and parents are welcome to join us – no advance commitment required! If you’d like to help supervise, please email falsecreekpac@gmail.com.

Additionally, PAC organizes several social and fundraising events throughout the year, such as our Art Workshop and Gala, Family Skate Night, Multicultural Potluck Dinner and Silent Auction, Movie Nights, Family Dance, lemonade stands, the Library Book Fairs, Student Book Swap, Clothing Drive and more. Volunteer requests for these will be posted here and distributed via email.


Making False Creek Elementary School the very best for your children.